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Harm of N-methylaniline to human health
Release time:2018-10-30
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N-methylaniline mainly caused methemoglobin, hemolytic anemia and liver and kidney damage. Skin absorption of Yi Jing. Acute poisoning: the patient's lips, fingers, auricles cyanosis, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, finger numbness, trance, etc. Severe poisoning, skin, mucosa serious cyanosis, dyspnea, convulsions, even coma, shock. There are hemolytic jaundice, toxic hepatitis and kidney damage. There may be cystitis chemically. Conjunctival keratitis is caused by eye contact. Chronic poisoning: patients with neurasthenia syndrome, accompanied by mild cyanosis, anemia and liver, splenomegaly. Skin contact can cause eczema.
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